Copy editing your document

Do you need help editing a document in order to produce a polished result? Please send a sample and outline your requirements including:

• The purpose of your document
• The intended readership
• Length
• Deadline
• Budget
• Whether more material will be added

Please allow up to 24 hours for a quote, and enough time afterwards, before submitting or presenting your document, to review any amendments. See my rates page for additional information about charges.

Copy editing for publishers

I offer a freelance copy editing service to publishers. This involves:

• Checking the text for clarity and accuracy
• Checking that the necessary permissions are obtained for illustrations
• Ensuring accuracy of cross-references
• Checking that illustrations are accurate and clear and that captions
  are consistent; cross-checking contents page with headings and
  illustrations in the text, and ensuring that presentation of
  contributors' names and affiliations in multi-author texts is consistent;
  other checks as required
• Identifying anomalies that I cannot resolve and raising them with the   author/s
• Tracking changes
• Tagging the manuscript or applying styles as required


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